Airkey AK3TX4 - P Serial number 4 button remote control

AK3TX4-P (D7 - P34)

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Airkey AK3TX4 - 4 button chrome & black garage door & gate remote control. 

Measures: 60mm (L) x 35mm (W) x 12mm (D)


D7 - P34

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This is the much less popular P Serial Number remote and only works with compatible receivers. You must check very carefully to ensure your remote is compatible with this one. These remotes were used a lot with PDS (Perth Door Services) systems before they ceased trading. You may see a sticker on your gate motor or on the receiver with either PDS or Perth Door Services and this will help identify which remote control you need.

The Airkey system is a very widely used gate & garage door system especially for apartment and multi-dwelling complexes. It features a very secure rolling code system to maximize security.

There are a few different versions of this remote and so it is vital to check the questions below before purchasing.

1. Does your remote serial number on the back start with #:P? If yes then this remote is compatible with your receiver.

2. Does the model of your remote appear in the compatible remotes photo attached? If not but the serial number on your remote starts with a #:P, then email us a photo of the back and front of your remote and we will assist you to find the correct remote. 

3. Does your remote model number end with W26 (e.g. AKTX4W26) - if yes then your remote has an RFID tag inside it to use with an RFID scanner for a door or lift and so this remote here does not have that function. If your remote has the W26 you will most likely have to have it programmed via the STRATA manager for your building complex as they will control access to the control panel needed for programming the RFID tags.

There are 2 methods of programming these remotes to garage and gate motors.


In the first method where the remote learning socket is still in place on the receiver board, you do not need access to the receiver, you simply need a working remote that already controls the gate or garage door in question. You can then use this working remote to place the receiver into programming mode following the instructions we will send you and add your new remote. It is a very quick and easy process. This is most commonly used on gate receivers to avoid the need to open the control box and expose the electrics to the weather.


In the second method where the remote learning socket has been removed from the receiver board then you will need access to the receiver to press the ADD button on it to add a new remote. The receiver board may be placed inside the cover of your gate motor, to the top or side of your garage motor. Sometimes when your gate has a pedestrian access gate the receiver will need to work in tandem with this and so it will be placed in a control box behind the pedestrian access keypad. The options are different in every installation.Once the receiver has been located it is then very simple to add a new remote.

If you live in a shared complex it is best to get the remote programmed by a professional to avoid deleting other users by mistake.

It is vitally import to remember that if you need to open the gate control panel it may be best to get a licensed electrician as there will be a 240 Volt power supply to the control panel and so this can be a very dangerous item if you do not know what you are doing. Great care should be taken at all times when dealing with electricity. If in doubt get a licensed professional to do the job. 

Reid's Remotes offer a call out programming service across the entire Perth metropolitan area, which can be added to your order during the checkout process.

This remote can be used to replace the AKTX2 2 button remote and the AKTX6 remote if you only use a maximum of 4 of the 6 buttons on that remote. 

Take a look at the photos to see which other remotes are compatible with this one.

If you are not certain that the remote you have is compatible please feel free to email us a photo of the remote and your motor and we will be more than happy to help you work out which remote to purchase.

All our remotes are supplied with easy to follow instructions on how to program them to your garage or gate motor. 

We offer a 12 Month Warranty on all genuine remotes in line with the manufacturer conditions, so you can buy your new remote with full peace of mind and confidence that should there be a problem you are covered.

If you have any issues during programming please call us and we will talk you through it. 

PCODE: V2001

Frequency 433.92mhz
No. of Buttons 4 BUTTONS
Shell Colour CHROME & BLACK
Button Colour BLACK
Remote Programming Method LEARN TO RECEIVER
Encryption Type ROLLING CODE
Visor Clip Included NOT AVAILABLE
Dimensions in mm (L x W x D) 61 x 36 x 11
Battery Type CR2032 - 3V

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Airkey AK3TX4 - P Serial number 4 button remote control

Airkey AK3TX4 - P Serial number 4 button remote control

Airkey AK3TX4 - 4 button chrome & black garage door & gate remote control. 

Measures: 60mm (L) x 35mm (W) x 12mm (D)


D7 - P34

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