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    This genuine remote from Hill Home Security is predominantly used with the Reliance Series security systems. It acts as a wireless control for your alarm and can also be used to activate a gate or garage door when the correct receivers are fitted. G22 - P41

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    This 23A 12 volt alkaline battery from GP High Voltage is used extensively in remote controls for garage door, swing & sliding gates, home security systems, car alarms, central locking and much more. One of, if not the most reliable 23A battery on the market GP is a very well respected brand. Other matching codes include: 23AE, A23, V23GA & MN21

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  • The PR3-OO3 remote control from TMT Automation Inc is a rectangular black case with 4 round silver buttons and is used with a range of swing & sliding gate motors. It operates on 433 MHz and uses rolling code NO LONGER AVAILABLE - PLEASE SELECT THE TMT PR4 REMOTE 

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    The SEA Coccinella Uni 4 button remote is used with Sea 433 MHz wireless gate receivers. It is sometimes referred to as the Ladybird because of its design. This remote comes in a few different colour and so colour supplied will depend on availability. G35 - P48

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    This is a very common car alarm and immobilizer remote control made by Autowatch and was even used by Hyundai with new Sonata & Lantra in 1998. Compatible with Autowatch 446Rli, 446RiS(G), 467Ri, 674Ri, 160Rli, 161Rli, Piranha THM800/THM600 & Maystar SC1 Can be used to replace the older 202-002 model as shown in the photos. Opperates on 433Mhz A4 - P2

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    Here we have a genuine replacement shell or case for the popular ATA (Automatic Technology Australia) PTX-5V1 garage and gate remote control. This remote can be used for the PTX-5V1, PTX-5V2 or the Dominator 400076A remotes. NO CIRCUIT BOARD OR BATTERY INCLUDED - SHELL ONLY S29

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    This key blank comes pre-cut and ready to use. It is compatible with the Lanes 1000 Series of mortice locks. The key blanks are identified by the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H at the end of the key. Check the dimensions of your key and letter to confirm it is compatible with this key black.

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    The Merlin M-802 remote operates on 40Mhz and is distinctive with its large blue button.  It is also quite large and so here we have a smller replacement for the bulky M802. The M802 small measures just 66 mm x 35 mm x 17 mm G51 - P33

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    The B&D 4335EBD 3 button key ring size garage & gate remote with a rectangular black case and off white buttons. It can be used to replace many other remotes including: Chamberlain 4335A Chamberlain 4333A B&D 062170 B&D 062150 B&D 59175 B&D 059116 B&D 059120 B&D 4330EBD Firmamatic 059409 Easylifter 062266 aftermarket remote RMDB01B and more. W2 - P28 - INCL

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    The Chamberlain 4335A 3 button key ring size garage & gate remote with a rectangular black case and off white buttons. It can be used to replace many other remote controls including: Chamberlain 4333A B&D 062170 B&D 062150 B&D 59175 B&D 059116 B&D 059120 B&D 4330EBD B&D 4335EBD Firmamatic 059409 Easylifter 062266...

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    The B&D black PTX-4 garage and gate remote with 4 grey buttons. This remote is compatible with: B&D Control-A-Door 4 B&D Control-A-Door P B&D Control-A-Door R B&D GDO6 v1 FIRMAMATIC B&D BM4, Should not be confused with the very similar ATA PTX-4 Securacode Blue remote as they are not cross compatible. W3 - P28 - INCL

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    A strong aftermarket remote replacement for a host B&D, Chamberlain & Easylifter garage & gate remotes Can be used to replace many remotes including: B&D 4335EBD B&D 59175 Chamberlain 4333A Easylifter 062266 B&D 062170 B&D 062150 aftermarket remotes using the code RMDB01B and lots more. G29 - P28 - INCL

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  • The B&D 062170 black remote with 3 white buttons is and older style large visor clip remote.

  • B&D Tritran V1 Multi-frequency remote 062731 with the red shell & 4 black diamond shaped buttons.

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    B&D TB5v2 Tritran grey button Multi-frequency remote 62731.   Sometimes referred to as the Diamond remote.  It can be used to replace a number of previous B&D & Easylifter remotes including: B&D TB5V1 62731 (black buttons) B&D 062730 B&D 70241 Red, B&D 70241 Orange, B&D 70241 Pink, B&D 062733 Wall Mount B&D 70237. W4 - P28A - INCL

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    This solid little remote can be used to replace the B&D TB5V1 and all its previous Tri-Tran remotes including:  B&D TB5V1 62731 (black buttons) B&D 062730 B&D 70241 Red, B&D 70241 Orange, B&D 70241 Pink, B&D 062733 Wall Mount B&D 70237. PLEASE NOTE IT CANNOT BE USED TO REPLACE THE TB5V2 WITH GREY BUTTONS. IF YOU ARE UNSURE...

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    This is a genuine factory part and can be used with Ford Falcon AU2 & AU3 sedan models. There are also many other aftermarket replacement remotes or even flip-keys where you can combine this remote and your key into one. See Compatible Items section below. A8 - P1

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Reid’s Remotes is a family owned and family run small business based in East Victoria Park, Perth West Australia.

Having operated a shoe repair and key cutting business since 1980 cutting both house and car keys we expanded our service to include replacement garage, gate, alarm and vehicle remote controls in 2012. 

We are constantly working to offer the best possible price on all our remote controls and keys in both the factory genuine and aftermarket segments. Where possible we test all aftermarket products and only stock those that meet our high standards.

In Feb 2021 we moved to a new dedicated facility with shop front and workshop to extend over ability to add car keys to much more modern vehicles.

We now stock replacement remote controls for over 450 different garage and gate remotes. This number will continue to grow as new remotes are released or new manufacturers enter the Australian market. All remotes that can be programmed by the user come with instructions explaining how to do this and we will also be adding videos to our Youtube channel and this site as we go.

With car keys and remotes some can be programmed to your car by following what we call an on board procedure. others require diagnostic equipment to program them and this will be identified on each product when you look at the features of the item. 

We are not just a website and as we operate an old fashioned bricks and mortar shop you are welcome to come in and buy your remote and we will program it while you wait. 

We are adding new products all the time so if you cannot find what you are looking for please feel free to email us. Our latest car remote generator makes aftermarket flip keys and remotes for over 1550 vehicles across 43 car makes. More are added weekly and so we will be uploading the new details as soon as we can once the remotes or flip keys have been thoroughly tested. We hope you find what you want but if not please email or call and we will do our level best to help you out.

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